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Serious/Fulltime Internet Marketers Only! 

"Introductory Offer"

Are you in the situation where you find yourself wishing YOU Could Afford To Employ Your Own Professional Virtual Personal Assistant, but you find yourself coming up a bit short? 

We all know (or at least you should know!) that if you spend more than 30-minutes a day answering emails and providing support to your customers, then you’re working way too hard…Really! 

Customer support is vital to anyone planning on long term success on the internet but hiring someone fulltime to do your customer support, online research, article submission and keyword research and more, can put you out of pocket quite substantially.

So we have Just One Question To Ask You… 

Do you really feel inspired and creative enough to come up with cash-spewing monster ideas after spending 2 hours sifting through repetitive email enquiries and dealing with disgruntle clients? 

Your answer is no…and we didn’t even have to use any of our super-powers to tap into your mind.  Why? Because you cannot find even one rich and successful business person that feels any different. 

The answer to that dilemma is, of course, to OUTSOURCE most (or all) of those energy sapping tasks to responsible and professional assistants. 

Unfortunately, It’s NOT As Simple As That … 

Probably the biggest hurdle everyone faces when deciding to hire someone to manage the mundane day-to-day aspects of their business (besides paying their new assistant a salary) is something that no over-hyped promises can deliver… 

Support issues can involve weighty repercussions and a whole lot more. And that might be the very reason that it’s taken you this long to hire someone. 

Trusting your highly valued customer care to a complete stranger is a daunting task that no one can (or should) take lightly.  But it is a necessity if you want to stop wallowing in business mediocrity and begin taking Olympic strides alongside the internet marketing masters. 

You Need A Personal Assistant That You Can Trust 

And that's where these real life testimonials come in... 

Bev has been helping with my online business for a little over one month, and already I have had 10 extra hours to devote to other aspects of my work. What's more, I've used this time to set up 'systems' - and having Bev in charge of running and overseeing these systems means I don't have to worry about whether or not they will go on smoothly. I *know* they will! 

Bev's attention to quality, coupled with promptness and courteousness in handling client enquiries and feedback, have lifted a load off my mind.  I now confidently leave my  customer service in Bev's competent hands, knowing they will be well served.

And for all the value Bev has added to my online business, her rates are extremely reasonable.  I would highly recommend her services to anyone in need of them.

Dr.Mani Sivasubramanian


Bev is one of the very rare few individuals who I'll trust my 7 figures business to. She's not only extremely responsive, dedicated but a person who truly cares about providing top notch customer support.

No matter what your situation is, you will find Bev to be a great help to you!

Ewen Chia


Before working with Bev I'd experienced nothing but outsourcing nightmare after nightmare. In fact, I'd experienced so many disasters while passing my work to others that I was almost ready to give up forever!

Well, that all changed the second I started working with Bev and now I can't imagine how I ever coped without her! Bev is the light at the end of the tunnel that proves that outsourcing your support can work ....if you find the right person.

Attentive, professional, and creative, Bev has helped me make the transition from full time teacher to full time marketer, and earn thousands more as a result. I highly recommend her services.

Lee McIntyre


HeroDesk is a life-saver.

It's like having your own professional secretary -- at a fraction of the price. Beverly and her team have been professional, cost-effective and responsible.

I highly recommend HeroDesk

Adam G. Katz
Owner of the dog training web site, Dogproblems.com
President, Browning Direct, Inc


Bev is an extremely attentive virtual assistant like none other.

She performs with extreme professionalism and is always very happy to start and finish tasks committed to her keeping.

I would recommend Bev to anyone who needs to free up time to get their business on target.

Claire Koch


Having worked in sales & marketing management for most of my adult life, I've always had a Staff and Secretary to help me manage my business.

Making the transition to working alone was a little scary. I was concerned about having all of the necessary skill sets to "do everything myself". And, I've always worked in a environment where brainstorming with a group was a critical element of success.

Fortunately, an Angel came into my life just when I needed her. Although, I've never seen her face or heard her voice, I know that she's an Angel. All of my concerns have been eliminated and I'm running my business with a talented, intelligent, hard-working staff by the name of Bev.

Bob Cotto

What can I say?... I throw new tasks at you (key word research & analysis, detailed site-traffic analysis, copy editing, as well as any and everything else we've been able to come up with) and you do it all.

You also turn everything back to me so quickly that I am often at a loss as to what else I can ask you to do. You then come back to me asking "What else can I do for you all?" You rock!

You should know that you have become an integral part of more than one of the businesses I run now. I appreciate everything you do and look forward to working with you for a long time to come.

Thank you Bev!

Sam Knoll
http://www.DirtyWorkSolutions.com http://www.InternetHowToVideos.com


Bev Mans has truly been a hero to me. As a busy writer with little experience in technology and social media, Bev has stepped in and taken this important responsibility off my hands. She conceived and created a blog for me, which has been very successful. She also updates the blog and keeps it relevant. Bev's expertise has helped me reach thousands of new readers. Beyond her technical expertise, Bev is incredibly responsive and a delightful person to interact with on a regular basis. I really can't recommend her and her Hero Desk any higher.

Andrew Cotto - Author

And Now You Can Benefit From The Same Proven Track Record 

We've been called "the closely guarded secret weapon behind successfully automating businesses" in the past, and you would probably never have had this opportunity to work with us if we weren't looking to fill up the spare capacity in our work schedule. 

HeroDogA Real Hero – (Minus The Spandex)

   Imagine suddenly finding yourself with hours of free time on your hands tomorrow…

   ...Now exactly what you do with your free time is up to you, but...   

  • How much additional profit could you squeeze out of your next marketing campaign using the extra time to focus on your marketing strategy?

  • How much easier would it be for you to stir yourself up to greater creativity when you don’t have to race to your inbox to service your customers first thing after breakfast? (Or perhaps you’ve even become trapped in the cycle of having to answer your support issues even before you grab a cup of coffee)

  • How much would your family appreciate the fact that you can make time for them instead of corresponding with your customers at all hours at their expense?

  • Have the hours that you’ve spent doing support over the last few months really improved the quality of your life and business or can you see why it’s time to get this issue handled right now?


What Can we You Do For You? 

Well, we won’t make you coffee, (it would probably be too cold by the time it reached you in any case) but we can  –

  • Be your always-on-call virtual personal assistant

  • Handle your customer support email for your most busy products/websites

  • Perform your keyword research according to your specifications

  • Assist in submitting your articles to directories

  • Perform online research for niche markets+

  • Website creating and updating

  • And so much more! (With task specific training there isn't much we can't do!)

  • we will also attend to every task assigned with an infectious cheerfulness that few can rival. :-)

  • And generally get involved anywhere where we can to help you to save time.

How Much Will It Cost You For Access To Your Own Personal Virtual Assistant? 

You can’t put a price on integrity and honesty – and if you could it would be one that most could never afford. 

Don't panic!  we've designed our brand new introductory service with YOU in mind.  You won’t have to be locked into exclusive contract prices of $ 1000 per month and up… (real world value - see one of my current client's testimonial below)

Bev has worked with me both in person and virtually and she is one of the hardest working, honest and reliable people I have ever met with administrative skills and customer service abilities far beyond ANYONE I’ve ever had the opportunity to work with.

If I was ever called away from my businesses indefinitely, I wouldn’t hesitate for an instant to place all of my online businesses, lists, databases and financial affairs into Bev's highly skilled hands. 

She’s fast, efficient, organized and resourceful enough to handle any business correspondence.  Crown that with her perpetual, infectious cheerfulness and (almost) compulsive work ethic and you’ve got yourself a virtual assistant that can save even the most challenging day… 

Now let me make this clear, I’ve paid Bev $948 per month (part time) to do for me what she has agreed to do for Warriors for a FRACTION of that price because of her decision to redesign her exclusive contract arrangements.

Marvin Haycock

 Instead, for just $97/week - and with NO minimum contract period – you can outsource all of the abovementioned tasks and much more to someone that has been proven as honest, dedicated and insanely efficient.

Announcing HeroDesk's latest Introductory Offer... 

Not everyone can afford $957.00 a month let alone $497.00 for a Virtual Assistant, let alone customer support. What if you could choose when and how you want assistance. Cutting down costs while getting the job done and saving you valuable time and money.

Lets take a look at this fantastic offer:               

HeroDesk VA Introductory Package

For 5 hours per week (YOU decide how you want to use them)

  • We will perform any of your administrative duties for you.

  • We will perform any virtual task as long as you provide us with task specific training.

  •      We will attend to your customer support.
  • Attend to every task assigned with an infectious cheerfulness that few can rival. :-)

  • And generally get involved anywhere where we can  help you to save time.

PS: As a client you are free to request any additional services that you may need in order to make your life easier, your workload lighter and your business that much more profitable! 

VA Intro 5 hours @ $97.00 a week

Please note: If your monthly quota of hours for the package is exceeded you will be billed an additional $15.00 per hour.


How Does it Work? 

Taking the first step is as simple as clicking on the order link above. 

Once your order has been processed you will be contacted personally by me (Bev) and I will take you by the hand and tell you exactly what you can do immediately to begin the workload transfer. 

Just let us know how we can assist you to 'work less and achieve more'.


Kind regards,

Bev and The Team





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